Flippin' Out in Ashford!

Deadlines, competition bids and work schedules aside yesterday saw our Kent studios drop pens and head over to Flip Out in Ashford, the UK’s leading Trampoline Park, for some healthy and unadulterated fun.

Donning our neon lime green grip socks (which apparently are essential if you want to be a pro-bouncer!) we unleashed our inner children on the wall to wall trampolines, stunt arenas and slam dunk!

Things got a little competitive when we took on the ninja challenge and a game of dodge ball in the main arena......//WATCH HERE//

The evening finished with a tasty meal at the Everest Inn, just a stone’s throw away.

We had a surprisingly great time reaching some new heights! You’re never too old to try these things so why not give it a go?

Published on 27 April 2018