GHA tour Folkestone Triennial 2017

GHA, financial supporters of the Folkestone Triennial 2017, were thrilled to be gifted a private tour of ‘Double Edge’, one of the UK’s most ambitious art exhibitions by The Creative Foundation.

The tour was offered in recognition of the Practice’s extensive work with The Roger De Haan Charitable Trust in aiding the regeneration of Folkestone with projects Rocksalt, The Workshop and the Skate Park.

The walking tour was an inspiring way to explore the local area and the 20 specially commissioned contemporary artworks placed around the town, and to discover the artist’s vision about what is going on and what might be done about it. Double Edge invites you to think, and talk, about how every point of view has its opposite, and how to bridge the gap between these to live together peacefully in a beautiful place.

A big thank you to Michelle Parker who hosted the Tour.

Published on 20 September 2017

A great tour hosted by fundraiser Michelle Parker
Emily Peasgood, Halfway to Heaven - The Baptist Burial Ground has been stranded 20 feet above the street for 150 years.
Antony Gormley, Another Time - celebrates the still and silent nature of sculpture...within the flow of lived time.
GHA touring the triennial
One of three from a series of 100 solid cast-iron figures have been loaned for Folkestone Triennial
Marc Schmitz and Dolgor Ser-Od, Siren - this object amplifies distant sound, but also 'speaks back' by becoming a megaphone..
Richard Woods, Holiday Home - situated in unlikely spaces, wittily suggests that no site is too small, too unlikely, or too inconvenient for its neighbours, for a second home.
Rocksalt - our first restaurant project is still looking great.
Folkestone Harbour