GHA Wins Project Motor House Design Competition

Guy Hollaway Architects have won an architectural competition to become lead designers in the exciting transformation of the disused former motor museum in Ramsgate. Providing a mixture of facilitates, from a creative theatre space, three cinema screens, restaurant and bar, to an external theatrical performance space, the project sits buried in the West Cliff Promenade boasting unimpeded views across the English Channel and beyond.

The site currently contains a run-down building which first opened its doors to the public in 1914 as a concert hall, and has had many uses over its lifetime, the most recent of which was as a motor museum. The building has run derelict since its closure in 2005, and sits in extremely poor condition through years of exposure to sea corrosion and damp, leaving the partially condemned coastal promenade above in desperate need of reconstruction.

Project Motor House is a transformative project designed to give Ramsgate facilities which it currently lacks, and GHA will work alongside a Board of Trustees, headed up by Janet Fielding, to develop the project and enlivening the creative arts industry to Ramsgate.

Published on 4 February 2015

1. Interior view of main hall
2. Exterior view of sheltered garden
3. Exterior view of terrace overlooking the channel
4. Exterior view of terrace overlooking the channel