Planning consent has been granted for exclusive clifftop residence in the Girona region of Spain.

This scheme is a proposal to replace a clifftop dwelling just over an hour's drive from Barcelona. The site sits within the contours of the cliff, adjacent to the Botanical Gardens and has uninterrupted views of the Mediterranean, overlooking a secluded bay area and beach. The holiday home accommodates six bedrooms and is split over three storeys.

The lower ground floor is for the guest accommodation and recreational spaces including the swimming pool and bar areas. Living space sits on the ground floor, above which a family bedroom floor is suspended, enabled by post-tension structural concrete. The whole first floor is cantilevered off two internal walls to give the impression that the first floor is floating and acts as an umbrella to the living spaces, shading them from overheating and the strong Mediterranean sunlight.

We are working alongside international structural engineers to formulate detailed design proposals for the new dwelling which incorporates significant cantilevers and large sections of glazing to maximize the sites prominent coastal location.

Published on 11 March 2014