Lianne re-creates 'Entwine' for London Festival of Architecture

We are pleased to announce that Lianne has been invited to re-create her sculpture 'Entwine’ for the London Festival of Architecture.

Placed at the new entrance to Battersea Power Station in Grosvenor Arch, Lianne Clark and Tim Hornsby’s ‘Entwine’ is a timber space-frame structure made up of layers of curving plywood. The curving beams are intertwined and held in compression by tensioning the boundary, forming a solid octahedral shaped sculpture.

The design was inspired by exploring the properties of the material, through bending the plywood in an unconventional way. Resulting from research into tensegrity structures (which consist of tension and compression elements within a structural system), Lianne chose to combine the curving plywood elements, and isolate them within a boundary of tension cables, which form a structurally sound yet ornate module. This is then tessellated to form a space frame structure, which forms a visually intricate design that expresses dense organic patterning to slender geometric composition.

Lianne’s design has previously been exhibited in Sharjah, UAE and is now on display this month at Battersea Arches, London as part of the London Festival of Architecture and can be view until 30th June.

Lianne joined Guy Hollaway Architects in 2014 as a Part I Architectural Assistant following graduating from the University of Kent, Canterbury. After a year of working in our Kent Studios Lianne decided to continue her studies where she graduated from the University of Westminster with a Part II qualification. Lianne then re-joined the Practice in our London studio and is currently working towards her Part III qualification where she will become a fully qualified Architect.

Aside from her dedicated commitment to the practice, we are proud of Lianne for being involved in the design, engineering and construction of a number of pavilion/public art installations in different parts of the world (UAE, USA, UK),

Published on 12 June 2017