Luxury Apartments for Hythe - Approved

Appointed by our client Melt Hythe Ltd, Guy Hollaway Architects has successfully obtained, under delegated powers, the approval for a new-build contemporary block of 6 luxury apartments on the land to the rear of 162 High Street, Hythe.

The contextual building, which faces south with views paralleling the Royal Military Canal, poses a mixed material palette; traditional red angular brickwork cantilevers a stone work ground floor plinth below, while a light-weight metal clad penthouse sits set back above. Aluminium framed windows and glass guardings add to the sculptural feel of the building.

These luxury apartments offer the opportunity to relocate in a prospering seaside location.

Coastal living in commutable towns has become an increasingly popular choice for fashionable buyers wanting to reposition themselves or invest in a second home or holiday retreat. The well connected coastal town of Hythe in Kent, recently listed in the Top Ten UK property hotspots for the next decade, with its excellent 56 minute commutable distance to the city on the HS1, is seeing an emergence of affordable luxury apartments. These sought after, impressive, contemporary developments, in this specific area of Kent, are helping to shape the economic growth that is being seen in the local area of Hythe.

Published on 9 December 2016