New Artist Studio for Nick Veasey gets Planning Consent

Guy Hollaway Architects are excited to announce that the proposal for a new Artist Studio for the internationally acclaimed Artist Nick Veasey, has now been awarded Planning Consent.

The proposal which was submitted to Maidstone Borough Council's planning department in September 2016 was successfully approved under delegated powers.

Nick Veasey creates art work using X-Ray imaging technology. A unique technique which reveals the otherworldly layers of everyday objects. Veasey exposes the reality of things; his images penetrate beneath the surface and unmask invisible internal layers. A process which turns the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Our proposal is to design and deliver a creative environment which celebrates the artist’s process from start to finished product, where elegant functionality is at the core of the design.

The site is located outside Maidstone in an open field, fringed by woodlands and grazing pastures. A holistic approach to the landscaping has been adopted and the sites surrounding context has been carefully considered within the design. We are proposing sloping green roofs which aim to encourage the biodiversity of the site to flourish. The studio sits comfortably within an open field, touching lightly on the ground, appearing to hover above the tall meadow grass.

The X-ray chamber, which is core to the artist’s process will be formed of heavy concrete walls with a smooth external concrete finish. The vision is to create a beautiful sculptural form within the landscape which also serves to absorb the radiation of the X-ray process. The gallery will boast an ethereal veiled picture window which will emit a diffused light, reminiscent of Veasey’s work. Whilst the more functional studio spaces are wrapped in anodised corrugated aluminium, which recalls the agricultural buildings in the area.

Situated 18 minutes from the HS1 and Eurostar in Ashford, the new Studio is easily accessible to London in 90mins, and connected to the rest of Europe.

Nick Veasey will be hosting a huge solo exhibition at the world’s largest photography museum, Fotografiska in Stockholm this November. He has also been invited for a massive solo show at the Seoul Arts Centre in South Korea, in June, where 80,000 visitors are anticipated to visit. Additionally, he is organising a show at the M.A.D Gallery in Dubai this in November. Nick has projects in the pipeline including x-rays of rare classic cars and fashion as well as a new x-ray video.

Guy Hollaway Architects have a vision to design and deliver a creative environment and a piece of architecture which is akin to the quality of the artist’s process.

Published on 26 January 2017