Planning granted for Chatham Waterfront

Guy Hollaway Architects are pleased to announce that planning has been approved for our mixed use waterfront scheme for Medway Council and Historic England.

The scheme will provide 175 high-quality residential units with views across the River Medway and 1150sqm of accommodation at ground floor that will include co-working office space, as well as a restaurant, café’s and shops to create a lively and active new waterfront.

We’ve worked closely with landscape architects Exterior Architecture on the wider public realm strategy for the scheme, which includes remodelling of the existing pump station, a new public events space, fountains, play areas and a newly defined waterfront walk, all enhancing the public amenity provided by the existing park. The scheme will play a pivotal role in connecting the towns of Chatham and Rochester and reinforcing transport and pedestrian links between the city centre and river walk, enhancing journeys and commuter links between the station, the town and the bus station.

Chatham Waterfront is a first for the Medway Development Company which has been created by Medway Council to deliver 28,400 new homes in the area by 2035, and which will be an important driver in the ongoing regeneration of the area.

Published on 14 May 2019