Project Motor House Goes to Public Consultation

A Public Consultation event for Project Motor House in Ramsgate will take place from 12pm to 4pm on Friday 27 November and 12pm to 4pm on Saturday 28 November. This will be held at Ramsgate Music Hall, 13 Turner St, Ramsgate, CT11 8NJ.

Project Motor House is a transformative project designed to give Ramsgate facilities which it currently lacks. The project aspires to create a destination arts and entertainment facility on the fringe of the Towns historic marina, providing both locals and visitors with a wide range of cultural facilities including a theatre, a boutique cinema, restaurant, bar, and hireable function spaces for events of varying scale.

Driven by a board of trustees with a passion for Ramsgate, including Chairman John East, project director Janet Fielding, Brenda Blethyn OBE, Marina O’Loughlin, and Treasurer Chris Welch amongst other professionals, Project Motor house became a Charity in July 2012, following some two years of discussions with Thanet District Council regarding a derelict site on Ramsgate’s seafront. The siting of the project is within the Westcliffe Hall; a building originally carved out of the cliff face in 1914. It will tackle the derelict building and turn it into the kind of sophisticated offering which Thanet District Council’s Destination Management Plan identifies as a key component for economic regeneration.

Due to the structural condition of the building, which has been damaged through years of water ingress, the proposal is centred around demolishing the existing building and constructing something new in its. Having stood for some 100 years and having had various uses across the last 100 years, it is recognised that the building has significant heritage locally, therefore the architectural response to the complex site has been developed with this in mind.

The scheme has evolved in such a way to ensure the proposal creates a memory trace of the rich history of the building. This is achieved by recreating the existing façade, and introducing a series of new architectural interventions in the form of controlled views. The proposed building uses deep reveals and strategically placed fenestrations to create a series of framed views, which maximise the views beyond the industrial port below.

When completed the building aspires to be self-sustaining and incorporate three state of the art digital boutique style cinemas, a theatre, a brasserie style restaurant and bar with a huge, sheltered south facing terrace overlooking the port and harbour. Furthermore, the original gardens to the rear will be re-landscaped to create an outdoor theatre/cinema space for open air performances.

Published on 24 November 2015

01 External Terrace View
02 Aerial View
03 Internal Restaurant View
04 Internal Restaurant View
05 External Promenade View
06 Existing Condition
07 Historic Internal Image of Concert Hall
08 Historic Image Prior to Construction of Port and Terrace