Regeneration Green

Planning application has been submitted for a mixed-use project in Bethnal Green.
The site proposal sits on a light industrial area and is a stone's throw from Denys Lasdun’s Keeling House, next to Cambridge Heath train station and near Bethnal Green tube. The scheme is a full regeneration of the site and, having been well received at a public consultation event, promises to be a positive transformation of the area accommodating 217 apartments, restaurants and commercial spaces.

The robust, curving brick façade shields from the busy Hackney Road and Cambridge Heath railway line like a protective hand, creating a void space within it for the residents to enjoy without London bustle. The form of the scheme is driven by the need to maximise the southern orientation of the site. The sloping of the green roof draws light into the building where possible, allowing for penthouses on every floor and guiding light into the central secure courtyard. The challenge has been to create a development of exceptional design quality simultaneously to sit within the existing environment in scale complimentary to the surroundings.

The building comprises of a variety of high quality materials, designed to reference those across Tower Hamlets but also to signify 472 Hackney Road as a distinctive place. The contemporary interlocking hit and miss brickwork will contrast with a layer of glazed bricks on the ground level. These two materials are respectful to and reminiscent of the use of London brick and the old glazed pub façades seen in Tower Hamlets. Another facet to the project is the retention of the Duke of Cambridge pub, which sits to the edge of the site. A dynamic glazed box of reglit glass tubes juts out of the top of the brown and red brick façade of the original building, creating a relationship between old and new.

The design appears as an injection of green into the London cityscape, providing large and dynamic public spaces and generating a destination which is attractive and accessible by maximising pedestrian routes that follow natural desire lines through the site. The cobbled Clare Street has historic London railway arches by the glazed commercial units on the opposite side of the street, these elements will reflect and complement one another beautifully, creating a destination and further enhance the vitality of Cambridge Heath Station

Published on 21 November 2013