Scenic Railway Starts Reconstruction Phase 1

First opened in the 1860's, Dreamland is the oldest amusement Park in the UK and the regeneration will aim to restore the park back to its former glory, creating the worlds first Heritage Theme Park and preserve what is an important part of our British cultural heritage. In 2005, The Scenic Railway fell into disrepair and has since been out of action, this then became
damaged due to a fire in 2008.

On Monday 15th September, 2014, the only Grade II* listed rollercoaster started partial demolition of the historically insignificant and damaged parts. Reconstruction is due to start imminently and will provide a nod to the past construction techniques used on this nostalgic ride.

This was filmed by the BBC on this momentous day, the story can be seen here.

Published on 7 October 2014

Historic photograph of the scenic railway