'X-Ray Studio' Submits For Planning

Guy Hollaway Architects are delighted to have worked alongside internationally acclaimed Artist Nick Veasey, and are pleased to announce that a proposal for his new Workshop & Gallery has now been submitted to Maidstone Borough Council's planning department

Nick Veasey creates art works using X-ray equipment and our proposal is to design and deliver a creative environment and piece of architecture which celebrates the artist’s process from start to finished product.

The quality and materiality of the proposal has been very carefully considered within the context of the setting. The gallery is clad in ‘Reglit’ glass planks which will emit a diffused light whilst the studio spaces are wrapped in corrugated aluminium, reminiscent of agricultural buildings in the area. The X-ray chamber has been formed of textured concrete, which both absorbs the radiation of the X-ray process and creates a beautiful sculpural form within the landscape..

The site is located outside Maidstone in an open field, fringed by woodlands and grazing pastures. By planting long meadow grass around the building, which is touching lightly on the ground, and in creating a green roof we aim to encourage the biodiversity of the site to flourish.

Published on 12 September 2016